2013 Legislative Priorities

Dear Friends, 

As a member of the New Jersey General Assembly Budget, Commerce and Economic Development, and Education Committees, my top priorities are reigning in property taxes, creating good paying jobs, and providing an education to every child that will allow them to successfully compete in the global economy. In the coming months our Legislature will take up the difficult task of deciding how we approach rebuilding our shore, strengthening our infrastructure, and better preparing our state to withstand natural disasters like Hurricane Sandy. 

In addition to those legislative priorities I wanted to share with you a few other specific proposals that I am currently working on in Trenton. I welcome your suggestions and feedback on these or any other issues of importance to you. I fully believe that we can tackle the problems facing our State, big and small; if we come together around the principle of compromise and an understanding that there is no monopoly on good ideas. I am honored to be your representative in the state legislature and look forward to hearing from you. 

Assemblyman Troy Singleton 2013 Legislative Priorities: 

(The full text of each of these bills can be found on the New Jersey Legislature website

1.) A321 "Lisa's Law" 

This bill would establish a four-year pilot program in Ocean County for the electronic monitoring of domestic violence offenders to be known as "Lisa's Law". This bill is named in honor of Letizia "Lisa" Zindell of Toms River, NJ who was murdered by her former fiance just one day after he was released from jail. 

Assemblyman Ron Dancer (R-Ocean) and I have been working together diligently on this proposal for over a year. We are fighting to give victims of domestic violence peace of mind and the means to avoid a potentially fatal attack like the one that took Lisa from us. I am proud to work across the aisle with my colleague Assemblyman Dancer on this bill and we look forward to bringing Lisa's Law to the full Assembly for a vote this spring. 

Lisa's friends and family created "Lisa's Light Foundation" to educate about the cycle of domestic violence, raise awareness in our community, and assist Domestic Violence outreach programs to protect victims of abuse. Please "like" their Facebook page to stay informed about ways you can help end domestic violence in New Jersey. 

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2.) A2022 

This bill would require insurers to cover comprehensive ultrasound breast screening if a mammogram demonstrates dense breast tissue and requires mammogram reports to contain information on breast density. Dense breast tissue can appear cloudy and make it difficult to detect cancer utilizing a traditional mammogram. According to "Are You Dense," 40% of women have dense breasts, and for many it goes undetected by their doctor. We must take every precaution necessary to provide women with the tools to detect breast cancer early and begin treatment. 

This bill has been passed unanimously by the Senate and awaits a hearing in the Assembly Health and Senior Services Committee. I am confident that we will be able to move this legislation forward in the coming months. I encourage you to visithttp://www.areyoudense.org/ to learn more about dense breast tissue and how to talk to your doctor about taking steps to detect breast cancer. 

3.) A3177 

This bill would establish a State Transportation Infrastructure Bank within the New Jersey Environmental Infrastructure Trust. I, along with my colleague Assemblyman John Wisniewski, have introduced this measure to couple private capital in pension, private equity, and other resources with public funds, to infuse capital into these much-needed infrastructure projects. Following Superstorm Sandy's devastation upon our State this idea will provide a vehicle for our reconstruction. 

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4.) A3303 "Moose's Law" 

Moose's Law would prohibit animal cruelty violators from owning domestic companion animals and from working at animal-related enterprises. Sissy Workman of Delran came to see me after her neighbor was charged with animal cruelty related to the kidnapping and death of her dog Moose. Together we came up with the basis for this proposal to help prevent future animal cruelty offenses. This bill will also create a public list where registered animal cruelty offenders will be on display so employers and pet owners can make informed decisions about whom they allow to care for their animals. 

Latest Update on Moose's Law: 

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5.) A2011 

This bill is part of the V.E.T (Veteran Empowerment & Training) Act legislative package. This bill would establish the New Jersey Homeless Veterans Grant Program to allow residents to make a voluntary gross income tax contribution to homeless veterans on their gross income tax return. The New Jersey Homeless Veterans Grant Program will be operated in the Department of Military and Veterans Affairs. Organizations that currently work to eradicate homelessness in our Veteran community will be able to apply for grants to expand their programs and their ability to help more of our servicemen and women who have fallen on hard times. We owe it to those who have sacrificed to protect our freedom to ensure that they aren't left out in the cold. 

Singleton, Benson, Wilson, Fuentes & Quijano 'New Jersey Homeless Veterans Grant Program Act' Released from Committee