Business Spotlight

singleton_spotlight_(Square).jpgWelcome to the 7th Legislative District Business Spotlight! Each week we will highlight a business from our area that is making a difference in the lives of Burlington County residents.

Small businesses are the backbone of our economy and employ slightly more than half of our state's entire workforce. Getting a hands-on understanding of the needs of the business community is critical to my desire as a public official to grow New Jersey's economic potential. By eliminating burdensome regulations and putting in place common sense measures to alleviate the bureaucracy businesses must navigate, we can ensure that business in our state have the opportunity to thrive.

Since assuming office in 2011, I have been actively engaged in communicating with Burlington County's business community --- listening to their concerns and taking their suggestions in an effort to move our economy forward. I am committed to creating policies that foster the best possible atmosphere for job creation.

I hope that you will be a frequent visitor to this page as we spotlight some of the finest companies that are keeping Burlington County working. I also hope that where applicable you will patronize these establishments and help sustain the economic vitality of our county. Together we can create an environment that will foster economic and community growth in Burlington County for years to come.

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