Fall Leg Update

Dear Friends:

As we enter into the Fall, I wanted to take this opportunity to provide you with a brief update on the issues that I am currently working on in the Legislature. I hope that you find this information helpful and please don't hesitate to call, email or stop by my district office if you have any questions or need assistance.

My goal, since joining the Legislature, has been to work as hard as I can on behalf of the men and women of the 7th Legislative District. Your fight is my fight: to improve our economy, put New Jerseyans back to work, make our state more affordable and to address specific concerns my constituents bring to my attention. I remain committed to that fight and hope that you will join me in this effort. Please take the time to let me know what you think. Your feedback is always welcomed and appreciated.

Assemblyman Troy Singleton

Bills Signed Into Law:
On September 21st Governor Christie signed two of my bills into law. Please visit my website www.TroySingleton.com to learn more about the issues I'm working on and check out the "There Should be a Law" section to let me know what you think would be a great idea for a bill!

A-1543/S-742, "Revised Uniform Limited Liability Company Act"

This law modernizes the rules governing the formation of Limited Liability Companies in New Jersey. Significant changes include: Eliminating the default and overlooked rule that LLCs have a limited duration; Allowing LLC operating agreements to be oral, written or implied; Allocating profits and losses on a per capita basis; and Providing remedies when members of a company act in an oppressive or harmful way to other members.

The first step in boosting job creation is to signal to businesses that we're committed to creating a business-friendly climate, free of unnecessary regulatory hurdles. This is a pro-business law that's ultimately pro-worker.

A-2313, 2564/S-1753, Clarifies Requests for Proposals of Public Entities Implementing Energy Savings Improvement Program Contracts

This law revises the 2009 law authorizing the state's public entities to participate in an energy savings improvement program. Through such programs, public organizations can contract with energy services companies to implement energy saving measures. Money saved through the reduction in energy expenses help cut the cost of energy infrastructure improvements. Public agencies will have the ability to benefit from the acquisition of new, efficient heating, ventilation, and air conditioning equipment, as well as other energy-saving improvements without the need for large upfront capital expenditures.

This bill seeks to make Energy Savings Improvement Programs more efficient and transparent for participating government entities. The expectation is that by eliminating the burdens and disincentives that exist in statute, the state and other public entities will undertake more ESIP projects, thus creating employment opportunities and tax savings. By streamlining this process, we'll be making it easier to save taxpayer money, and that's always a win for everyone.

Bills Advanced in Committee:
Upon return from summer break Assembly Committees met on 9/24 and 9/27 and released the following bills I've been working on.

A-3090, Revises certain provisions of farmland assessment law

This bill will revise the state's farmland assessment standards to ensure that only actual farmers receive the benefit. The bill among other things, raises from $500 to $1,000 the minimum gross sales and payments standard for typical agricultural or horticultural lands to qualify for farmland assessment on the first five acres of land.

All too often we've unfortunately seen landowners take advantage of the outdated $500 limit and find ways to claim they're doing agriculture on the land when in fact they're not actually farming. Agriculture is New Jersey's heritage, and we should always be doing what we can to ensure its future success, but we need to also ensure that programs like this benefit only those who are truly doing farming.

A-2920, Establishes New Jersey Advisory Council on Youth and Collegiate Affairs

This bill establishes a 17-member New Jersey Advisory Council on Youth and Collegiate Affairs in the Department of Education. The purpose of the advisory council is to act as the advisory body on youth and collegiate affairs to the Legislature and State departments, agencies, commissions, authorities, and private agencies that provide services to, or are charged with the care of, children and young adults, and review, monitor, report, and make recommendations on issues relating to school-aged children and students attending public or private institutions of higher education in the State.

A-2562, Permits Governor to notify local governments to fly United States and State flags at half-staff upon death of member of Armed Forces of United States or National Guard who was State resident

This bill requires that the Governor, upon notification and verification of the death of an active service member of the Armed Forces of the United States of America or of the National Guard who was a resident of New Jersey, notify all county and municipal governing bodies of the death of the member, and direct that the United States flag and the State flag be flown at half-staff, within or outside of the public building where the governing body regularly convenes, on the day specified by the Governor.

A-2410, Establishes New Jersey Council on Responsible Fatherhood and Responsible Fatherhood Fund

This bill establishes a 21-member New Jersey Council on Responsible Fatherhood in the Department of Children and Families. The council's purpose is to identify the needs and priorities relating to fatherhood programs in the State, promote the participation of both parents in the lives of their children, and support the contributions each parent brings to the family unit.

The goal of this initiative is to promote positive interactions between fathers and their children and identify obstacles that impede or prevent their involvement in the lives of their children. Ultimately, this is a long-term investment in our children and our families, one that will hopefully create more productive members of society who are less dependent on state resources down the road.

A-2390, Prohibits discrimination against potential organ transplant recipient on basis of mental or physical disability

This bill prohibits discrimination against a prospective organ transplant recipient solely on the basis of a physical or mental disability. Although the "Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990" prohibits discrimination against persons with disabilities, many individuals with disabilities still experience discrimination in obtaining life-saving organ transplants because of assumptions regarding their quality of life or their ability to comply with complex post-transplant medical regimens, even when individuals may have effective support systems that ensure such compliance.

Discrimination of any kind is unconscionable, but discrimination in an organ transplant scenario literally gives the bigotry life or death stakes.

A1822, Requires DEP to conduct vibration analysis along routes for disposal of dredged material from Delaware River

As the debate over where to dump dredged spoils from the Delaware River continues in Burlington County this bill would require the state to monitor the impact dredging would have on neighboring communities. It would require the state Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), in consultation with the Department of Transportation (DOT), to study the vibrations caused by vehicles traveling along routes used for transporting material dredged from the Delaware River. The study would include an analysis of the effects of such vibrations on residential and commercial buildings, roads, and other infrastructure.

In the interest of protecting our residents, this entire process must be examined thoroughly. Given the age of many of the post-World War II homes in this area, and the proximity of the new park and sports fields, we can't simply sit back and allow this process to invade our communities without a thorough assessment. We need to make sure we do everything we can to protect public health, safety and open space while growing our economic development interests.

Legislative Calendar:
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