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Dear Friends:

Nancy Hartwick came to me over a year ago to express her frustration with the enforcement of disabled parking privileges. She told me about the struggles she faces on a daily basis finding a place to park that can accommodate her vehicle and wheelchair ramp. She regularly witnessed people with no visible disability abusing expired placards just to park a few feet closer to their destination.

Nancy and I worked together on a common sense legislative solution to this very real problem going on all across our State. The result was Assembly Bill 2947 which was signed into law on January 14th of this year and went into effect on August 1st.

Under the law, the following changes have been made concerning the issuance and renewal of temporary and permanent identification cards and placards for individuals with disabilities:

  • The term "handicapped" will be replaced with "person with a disability" in keeping with current state law that requires offensive or outmoded terminology be replaced with more acceptable, current language;

  • All disability windshield placards will be issued with a prominently printed and displayed expiration date;

  • Permanent person with a disability identification cards and placards will be required to be renewed every three years; and

  • The certification of a medical professional will be required for the issuance and/or renewal of a person with a disability identification card or placard.

Nancy is a citizen legislator. She went to the take action button on my website and filled out the “There Should Be a Law” form to bring this important issue to my attention. It’s people like Nancy who motivate me to work harder every day to represent the 7th district, real people with real problems who can make a difference.

Let’s hear from Nancy about why this law is so important to her:


Let me know what you think should be law in New Jersey and help me bring your ideas to Trenton. Visit my website for the latest updates from the 7th district and find out how our citizen legislators are working to make New Jersey an even better place to live, work and raise a family.

Assemblyman Troy Singleton

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